Sky TV

Already have Sky TV? Our Sky Accredited engineers can provide a range of services including transferring your Sky TV from your old address to your new home. We have the ability to install Mini Dishes in order to allow you to watch Sky’s selection of around 700 premium TV channels and be part of the largest pay-TV broadcaster in the United Kingdom and Ireland with over 11 million subscribers. This can allow you to use Sky+, enabling you to pause; rewind, record and playback live TV on your Sky+ box. Creating the opportunity to plan your viewing in advance, recording your favourite TV programs so you never have to miss a thing again, and Sky HD with quality that is four times clearer and colours much more vibrant you will not be disappointed.

We also have the ability to bring you Sky Multiroom, letting you enjoy different Sky TV channels in different rooms, so that family members can watch a variety of shows they love at the same time – all through a single Sky TV subscription.